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05 March 2019

PRESS RELEASE: Ashby Supports House School Finance Plan  

AUSTIN – Today, in a bipartisan and overwhelming fashion, the Texas House rolled out it’s long-awaited school finance plan, House Bill 3. This legislation is the product of over 12 months of extensive consideration from the Texas Commission on Public School Finance, as well as members of the Public Education Committee, superintendents, and teachers, including some from House District 57.

The bill, which is co-authored by State Representative Trent Ashby (R-Lufkin), would invest in students and teachers by adding over $9 billion in new funding directed at classrooms all across Texas. Specifically, the measure would raise the basic allotment per student, fund full-day PreK for those who need it most, and increase the minimum salary schedule for teachers.

“This plan directly benefits all students and teachers across East Texas by empowering local school districts to put more money into their classrooms. I’m pleased this bill provides additional support to school districts while providing them with the discretion to drive resources where they need it most,” said Ashby.

Proponents also note that by substantially increasing the state’s share of funding, the proposal will also alleviate the property tax burden placed on homeowners to foot the bill for a quality local education.

“House Bill 3 brings transformational change to our school finance system in Texas. By allowing local school districts to earn and keep more dollars, we will not only help create a more level playing field for districts across the state, but also help provide the resources needed to recruit and retain quality teachers,” Ashby said. “I’m proud to serve on the committee that helped produce this piece of legislation, and I look forward to delivering on our promise to bring meaningful and positive change to the public education system in Texas.”

Representative Ashby is in his fourth term as a member of the Texas House of Representatives.  Currently, Ashby is a member of the Public Education Committee, as well as the House Committees on Defense & Veterans Affairs.

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