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09 October 2015

Capitol Update: Prop. 6 – The Right to Hunt and Fish


The calendar has rolled over to October, and October has brought with it welcome relief from the
heat of the past few months. The Capitol is mostly quiet during these fall months, as most
legislators are back in their districts. However, the constitutional amendments election is right
around the corner, on November 3rd, and as we look forward to that, here is an update from your
Texas Capitol…
A Bill and Some Change
In the recent past, there have been a handful of high profile instances in which certain state
agencies have had their contracting practice brought into question. In an effort to guard against
future fraud, waste, and abuse in state contracting, the Legislature passed Senate Bill 20 during
this past session. This bill will ensure that large government contracts are audited regularly,
thereby helping the public know that their tax dollars are being spent efficiently and effectively.
These audits will be submitted to the Legislature for oversight, and will be made available to the
public for those who are interested. I believe this bill will help make our state’s agencies more
lean and efficient, and will help state government better serve all Texans, and I am proud to have
supported it.
Constitutional Amendments: Part 6 of 7
Continuing our seven part series, we will be taking an in-depth look at the sixth proposed
constitutional amendment leading up to the constitutional amendments election on November
3rd, 2015.
Proposition 6 on this November’s ballot constitutionally guarantees the right to hunt and fish in
Texas. Throughout the country there are a few groups who have made it their singular effort to
limit and ban hunting wherever possible. While these extremist groups have found limited
success in other states, Prop 6 will ensure that they cannot find any success in Texas. This
constitutional amendment will not affect any current hunting, fishing or trespassing laws, but it
will protect the rich hunting and fishing heritage that Texans have enjoyed for generations. I was
proud to author the legislation which ultimately passed to put Prop 6 on the ballot. I believe this
is an important issue, and one which we should all support.

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