10 May 2021

Capitol Update: Strong Elections and a Strong 2nd Amendment

Happy Mother’s Day! This weekend I hope that you will all take a moment to thank the hardworking mothers and grandmothers in your life. Whether carpooling a big group home from a late Friday night football game or working late nights to pay for that one perfect Christmas gift you just had to have, we all have our mothers to thank for stopping at nothing to make us happy. So do something special to make for a calm and relaxing day because, as we all know: “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

With that, here’s an update from your State Capitol…

Capitol Update

Many Texans were rightly concerned that election procedures were changed without the consent of voters or the Legislature during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, after hearing widespread concern from constituents across the state, the Texas Legislature approved landmark legislation to secure and strengthen our fair elections process.

Despite criticisms and false narratives surrounding this issue, you can be assured that the primary focus of lawmakers is to restore public trust in the integrity of the ballot box. Senate Bill 7 seeks to strengthen transparency throughout the process and close any potential loopholes for fraud. Debate on this legislation took the discussion close to sunrise, but after almost 20 amendments, Senate Bill 7 passed the Texas House.

Once again, a significant step was taken toward improving upon the robust pro-Second Amendment rights that we have in Texas. With the passage of House Bill 1927 in the Senate, constitutional carry is one step closer to arriving at the Governor’s Desk for his signature to become law. Both chambers will need to hammer out their respective differences on the legislation, but Texans are one step closer to seeing constitutional carry as the law of the land.

Finally, after hearing input from constituents about the need to promote patriotism and civics education, I am honored to have voted for House Bill 2497. This bill, also known as the Texas 1836 Project, was filed to maintain, cultivate, and foster a deeper appreciation of Texas’ history and values. Having co-authored this measure and passed similar legislation to bolster civics education in prior sessions, I look forward to seeing this bill become law to promote the rich history of our state, it’s journey to independence, and our path to future prosperity.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact my office if we can help you in any way. My district office may be reached at (936) 634-2762. Additionally, I welcome you to follow along on my Official Facebook Page, where I will be posting regular updates on what’s happening in your State Capitol and sharing information that could be useful to you and your family: https://www.facebook.com/RepTrentAshby/.

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