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21 October 2019

Voting Guide: Constitutional Amendments – 2019 November 5th Election

Below is a brief summary of the ballot propositions currently up for a vote. I hope this helps inform your decisions at the ballot box and that you will make your voice heard in this important election.

Prop 1: Allows an elected or appointed municipal judge to serve in more than one municipality at one time.

Prop 2: Allows the Texas Water Development Board to issue bonds under $200 million to support current or future water projects in economically distressed areas.

Prop 3: Allows the Legislature to provide temporary property tax exemptions on portions of land located in an area declared by the Governor to be a disaster area.

Prop 4: Provides a constitutional ban on a state income tax, which may currently be imposed through successful passage of legislation.

Prop 5: Dedicates all state revenue from the sales and use tax on sporting goods to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and Texas Historical Commission.

Prop 6: Allows for an increase from $3 billion to $6 billion the maximum bond amount for the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas.

Prop 7: Allows the State Board of Education and the General Land Office to distribute more revenue to benefit Texas students.

Prop 8: Establishes a fund, overseen by the Texas Water Development Board, to finance enhancements in infrastructure to mitigate natural disaster damage.

Prop 9: Authorizes the Legislature to exempt precious metal depositories from property taxes.

Prop 10: Allows retired law enforcement animals to be transferred to their caretaker free of charge.

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